Production safety


Zero harm


Zero accident


Zero pollution

  Committed to providing chemical products in a safe and responsible manner, creating a safe working environment and conditions that protect the safety of our employees, contractors and the public in the community. Adhering to the concept of "safety is more important than profit", we regard safety as the fundamental of enterprise's greatest welfare and development. While pursuing sustainable development, we are committed to legal compliance. Fully participate in the implementation of production safety responsibilities, management of operational risks and hidden dangers, focus on constantly improving personnel safety, process safety and logistics safety, etc., to achieve the HSSE management goal of "zero injury, zero accident and zero pollution".

Green low carbon

Always combine their own development with environmental protection, and strive to achieve harmony between enterprises and the environment. We deeply practice the concept of "clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", adhere to environmental protection as a product, green as a brand to operate, and ecological as a responsibility to shoulder. Continuously improve the integrated management level of environmental protection, continuously promote clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, promote green and low-carbon development strategy, and promote the company's comprehensive and sustainable development.

Sustainable development approach

Harmony and win-win

The enterprise vision of "making outstanding contributions to the human new energy cause, seeking spiritual and material well-being for employees, and providing a platform for struggle"; Continuously implement the protection of labor rights, human rights, occupational health and safety in enterprises and supply chains, and actively fulfill social responsibilities.

Innovation achievements

Innovation is the vitality of the enterprise, and achieving customers is the guarantee of continuous success.

Business principle

Continuously ensure product security, information security, financial security, operational security, political security; Prevention of force majeure; Eliminate the integrity, ethics and integrity problems in enterprises and supply chains; Ensure compliance operation.

Green circle

Continue to pay attention to environmental protection, renewable energy use, energy conservation and emission reduction, resource recycling and utilization in enterprises and supply chains, and advocate a "green circular economy".
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